At Design to Print Customised Wallpaper we use a DIY adhesive wallpaper for a simple, mess-free installation. Our prints are removable and can even be repositioned so if you make a mistake you can simply peel off and start again.

If you are not confident in installing your wallpaper, contact our friendly team and we will supply you with a no obligation quote based on your location and your preferred date and time for installation 1800 358 858 or hello@dtopshop.com.au.

Our professional installers are located throughout Australia. Before any installation ensure that your wall is smooth, clean, dry and free from any debris. If your wall is painted with Teflon or Wash and Wear paint it will need to be repainted as your wallpaper will not stick. Freshly painted walls should be left for four days before installing your wallpaper.

The Design to Print Customised Wallpaper team are here to answer any question while selecting, ordering or installing your custom wallpaper.

If your query is not answered in our FAQ contact one of our friendly team.

Our wallpaper is a matt finish canvas. It is designed to be easy to install and durable as well as resistant to stretching or shrinking. You can request a sample from hello@dtopshop.com.au.
Our wallpaper is printed on top of the line machines designed to give the best results possible. It is printed in horizontal drops so it is easy to install and comes on a backing paper which projects the adhesive and removes easily when you come to install. All our prints are done in our Melbourne based factory and we deliver Australia-wide.
We are certainly happy to print your images. The images supplied must be high resolution. For this reason we recommend that for photos you use at least an 8MP camera, we do not recommend using a camera phone to print from. For any scans or drawings also ensure that the supplied files are high resolution. This way when we increase the size to fit your wall your image won’t be blurry or pixelated. If you have any questions please contact our team at hello@dtopshop.com.au We will not share your graphics with any of our customers or any 3rd parties.
Graphics on the internet are more than likely covered by copy write law and can not be reproduced. These images are often low resolution and not suitable for wallpaper printing. At Design To Print Customised Wallpaper we can only produce prints using you original artwork/ images or ones you have express permission to use. You can also visit our gallery and select one of our many images to print.
To ensure to best results we require high resolution images. If your image is not suitable to be enlarged it will distort or pixelate one of our friendly team will contact you prior to production. If your image has been taken on a phone or compressed this may mean it will not be suitable to print on such a large scale. If you are unsure of the quality please contact our team with your image at hello@dtopshop.com.au and they will be able to confirm. We only except high resolution images to ensure that you receive the best results for a professional looking wallpaper, using a smaller image may well result in disappointment.
Prints are dispatched within 7 working days. This does not include weekends or public holidays. Once dispatched you can expect your order to arrive within 2-5 working days depending on your location, we will send a tracking number so you can see its progress.
Our specialty wallpaper is charged at a square metre rate of $69 We have a minimum order of 3 square metres.
You can process payment on our site using PayPal or with your credit card. You will receive an invoice once payment has been processed.
The adhesive wallpapers stick to most surfaces including plaster, concrete and glass. The wall must be clean and dry, if you are painting the wall or plastering do not install your wallpaper for at least 4 days after. If you have a textured wall or a wash and wear painted wall we recommend requesting a test sample by emailing hello@dtopshop.com.au before placing your order. The wallpaper is not for use in wet areas such as bathrooms, as splashbacks or outside. The wallpaper will not stick to Teflon based paints.
Our product is designed to be a DIY project. It is reusable and repositionable so if you make a mistake you can peel it back and start again. You won’t need any glue or tools other than the applicator supplied so there is no mess and no fuss. Please watch our install video for a step by step guide before beginning. An instructional document will also arrive with your order. Installation is recommended using two people where possible but one person will be able to complete the work. We recommend that you have some basic handyman skills to ensure a professional looking result.
Email our team at hello@dtopshop.com.au and we would be happy to supply you with an install estimate if required. If you are unsure about your abilities do a test using the top of the first panel, if it is too difficult simply roll it back up, store in the tube and contact us for an install quote.
Our wallpaper uses a low grade adhesive which will ensure no residue or paper will be left behind once its removed. If removing peel back the paper gently from the top down, this will avoid any possible damage to paint underneath.
If you damage one of your panels we can reprint them for you. Simply contact our friendly team at hello@dtopshop.com.au and quote your order number and the number of the panel (it will be in the confirmation email you receive after your order is placed). Our team will provide a quote first on damaged panels.
- You can call us directly on 1800 358 858 or email us at hello@dtopshop.com.au to discuss your order or any other questions you may have.