Installation instructions

Design to Print Custom Wallpaper is designed to be a clean and simple way to instantly update your home or office without damaging your walls. We recommend installation using two people where possible for a quicker and easier project. Install can be completed using just one person. We also recommend that you have some basic handyman skills. If you are nervous at all about installing we can supply a cost for one of our friendly mobile installers to complete the work for you! Contact our team at with any queries.

Just follow these simple steps! (Click each title to expand)

Ensure you have chosen a completely flat surface/wall away from a water to apply your wallpaper. Give the surface a wash with a clean sponge using warm water if your wall is dirty. Allow to completely before attempting to install. Any water, dust or residue will make it more difficult for your wallpaper to stick to your walls. If your wall has been recently painted please allow 72 hours before applying wallpaper. Do not apply to walls painted in silicon or Teflon based paint.

Your wallpaper panels are labelled with a number starting from the far left hand side of your wall to help you easily determine the order they need to be installed on. Pick out the first panel and use a fingernail to separate the very top of the print from the release paper.

Starting at the top of the panel, peel down approx. 5-10cm of the backing paper. To expose the adhesive side of the print. Line the panel up in the left hand top corner of your wall and once you are happy with the positioning lightly press the exposed print to the wall to secure and smooth over with the provided applicator.

In small 5-10cm sections continue to peel back the release and use the applicator to secure the printed section to the wall each time. If a second person is available have them slowly and gently peel the release paper down the panel keeping it taut to avoid any bubbles and continue to smooth down in small sections. If at any point you are unhappy with the position of the panel or you are unable to smooth out a bubble simply peel the section of the panel gently away from the wall and back and redo. If the print sticks to itself gently pull it apart to avoid stretching and continue on.

If any bubbles are visible gently use the squeegee provided to push the air to the edge of the print to release.

Once your first panel has been completed your will need to use the same technique to install any additional panels. Our panels are supplied with a small overlap of 5mm if multiple panels are required to ensure there are no gaps in your wallpaper. Take care to align the panels up to ensure overall continuity. Again, if you are unhappy with the positioning gently peel back and begin again. Continue this process until all panels have been applied.

Once your wallpaper has been installed and if you have any excess paper hanging off the bottom or sides of your wall take a sharp Stanley knife and run it across the print to trim.

Now sit back and enjoy your unique space. If you want to remove the wallpaper slowly peel off the wall starting from the right hand side of the wall.